Your pet’s health & wellbeing are of paramount importance to us at Northcroft. We will take all necessary precautions and comply fully with the Animal Welfare act 2018 to keep your cats safe and happy whilst in our care. All cats that stay at Northcroft must have all vaccinations up to date with vaccination record available to Northcroft upon admission. Unfortunately, if you do not present an up-to-date vaccination record your pet will not be able to stay with us, sorry. Cats should be vaccinated with all required vaccination for cattery care (Speak with your Veterinary practice). This should be in place at least 3 weeks prior to staying at Northcroft. Cats should also be flead and wormed prior to staying at Northcroft this helps us minimise risks in the cattery for all cats that come into our care.


Northcroft is fully Insured with Pet plan Sanctuary. Whilst your pet is in our care, we have Insurance for any vet visits & treatments needed up to a maximum of £1,500. Any claim in excess of this figure is the owner’s responsibility. The following conditions are excluded from our Insurance cover, fees in connection with breeding, any pre-existing conditions, preventative vaccinations or in the unfortunate event of death, the cost of cremation, burial or disposal. Should it be necessary to transport your pet to the vets or call a vet out to Northcroft, all cost incurred are the owners responsibility. If a cat is sharing a chalet with another cat from the same household and we at Northcroft feel this is Impacting on a cat’s health & wellbeing we will separate the cats in another Chalet and a daily charge will occur to the owner for this service. (this will be discussed with the owner or emergency contact before any action is carried out)

Fees at Northcroft

Northcroft offers two care packages:
1. £10.00 per day and you bring your own pets’ food. All food & treats that are brought in to Northcroft must be in packaging that has not been opened.
2. £12.00 per day and we provide their meals and treats.
3. Admission & Discharge dates are counted in your number of days stay.
4. * Minimum Booking is 3 days.
5. Please see price list for multiple cats sharing a chalet from the same household.
6. 50% deposit payable within 24 hrs of booking a room. If deposit is not paid, then room is not secured. Deposit is non-refundable, however, where possible, can be moved to another stay. Balance to be paid upon admission.

Admission & Discharge times

Admission is 10am to 12 noon / 5pm to 6pm
Discharge is 12 noon to 2pm / 5pm to 6pm

This allows us to have time to do a deep clean of the chalet ready for the next guest to come and stay with us. We are aware of traffic and flight times changing. If this happens, we ask that you keep us Informed and your pet will be placed in small chalet for no more than 10 hours. If this occurs a fee will be added to your final bill.


Vaccination must be 3 weeks prior to admission or Booster to run concurrent with previous booster. If you do not bring an up-to-date vaccination card with you upon admission, then your cat can not stay, and you will not receive a refund.